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Click Away Instructions

 According to the decision Δ1α / Γ.Π.οικ.80189 / 12.12.2020 of the Greek Government, which concerns the opening of the stores with the method of "Clickaway", Invictus Homo informs you that it can serve you with this method from on Monday 14/12/2020. You can place your orders in our Online Store, or contact us at the following phones:

  • 2310 284 639
  • 694 2200 201

We remind you that for your arrival at our store at 47 Venizelou Street in Thessaloniki, we must have confirmed that your order is ready, as well as send an

sms to 13033 by writing: 2 <name> <address>

Invictus Homo takes all the safety precautions required in these difficult times. Thank you for the preference.

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